A Passion For Performance

You can get certified, professional tutoring at a decent price. The Dojo’s instructors have hit the top 1% of scores on official GMAT exams. They have each 10+ years experience of teaching GMAT. And your fees go directly to the people coaching you. If you object to paying commissions ― repeat commissions, not fees ― of upwards of $100 per hour, then contact us to book the Dojo course in your city.

KEY FACTS about the GMAT

The test is 3 1/2 hours long, not counting the two 8 minute breaks. You may want to look into our check list of do’s and don’ts, to ensure you arrive fully prepared for this unique experience.

Screenshot 2016-05-03 at 15.51.01The test has four timed sections, as explained in the chart. The “headline score” out of 800 is calculated from only the last two parts. Check with your target schools to see if you need score well on the AWA and IR sections, which are reported separately.  

What is the Key to Victory?

The long answer is, There is more than one key. The short answer is Green Tea Powder. If you have ever taken the GMAT before, then you know it demands an enormous amount of concentration. In our view, few supplements can beat Green Tea powder for stable, long-lasting focus and energy and focus – and the few that could also call for a doctor’s prescription. For organic, sugar-free, individually sealed servings of green tea powder, visit MantraTeaTaiwanMatchaPowderClub, or the MatchaKampagne on Amazon. You’re going to love it!

Tax Deduction
Our services are designed as upgrades for the working executive, and are thus tax-deductible in most jurisdictions (refer your accountant to these documents for those who file in the 
USA or the Netherlands). Not all governments line their own pockets with your money, but so many do. Training for the GMAT is a legal way to invest your tax money in your best asset: yourself.

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